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February 15, 2008



Really having problems with converting with dpgeng.exe and alsp one called Super both convert ok to DPG and i even followed steps from a u tube video but each time i geta load error on the DS yet i can play other dpg movies i downloaded from a torrent no rpobs does anyone have any answers Hynszy

Richard Jang

You must convert mpg/mpeg/avi/wmv format videos and most likely it is going to be successful. Use Moonshell to play all the videos that you have converted. No loading error will occur.


why does it always say "can not detect video size"?

Richard Jang

So are u getting this error when u are converting the software or running it on the DS? Be more specific so I can assist u better.


i am also getting "can not detect video size" after starting the converting.

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