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April 08, 2008



Do you know where can I buy this MILDERM Skin Cleanser? I have been looking for this cleanser all over but I still can't find it. Any information is appreciated.

Richard Jang

It is available at Guardian Store in Singapore. Are u residing in Singapore?


Yes I am. I couldn't find it at Guardian at all. I have try Watson, Guardian, Unity and they all told me they do not have it. In fact, I even bought the bottle along to show them but they all say they don't have it. Can I know which Guardian store did you know have it? Thanks.

Richard Jang

If it is not available, you can get it at the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic. I am not sure whether they will charge extra if you are not their patient. Maybe I will check with them to see whether possible to walk in to buy the MILDERM Skin Cleanser.


You may also purchase it at Dr Wong Su Ni's clinic in Mount Elizabeth Medical Center. Perhaps you may wish to check it out in the following website

Michelle Loo

You may buy Milderm from Pharmatech Resources Tel 62846636

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