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June 18, 2008



@tech stuffs,

i just downloaded the efs media builder and extract it on my pc but it is empty, what will i do for this? thanks...


When i download the efs media builder it is a zip folder and i can't download it what do i do.....plz help asp

Richard Jang

You need to connect your LG Viewty via USB cable after opening the EFS Media Builder. You will be able to view all the folder and files in the Viewty.

Richard Jang

The EFS Media Builder is a zip folder. Download it and extract the zip file using a Winzip or Winrar program.


im not really good with comps what is winzip or winrar cos i extracy it normally on me laptop and folder is empty once i have finished where am i ment to save the theme manager on my viewty cos it goes to others and i cant download it on my fone cos there is like a red question mark im so sorry but im dumb plz help asp


my laptop wont let me extract it, says its a virus....??


efs media builder give the virus warning. what can i do?


Hi I have finally got this theme manager to work took me all day on and off, had to borrow my girlfriends mem card as it wouldnt work any other way !!! Anyway I want to use this iphone theme but it tends to run very slow and crashes any suggestions??

Richard Jang

Winzip and Winrar are zip programs from different company.

Drag and drop the Themes folder to the root of the memory card as mention in my guide. It is easy to install on the memory card than on the phone memory.

The virus warning from efs media builder is a false alarm. Use it and delete from your computer after using it to prevent your anti virus giving the warning again.

Richard Jang

The iPhone Theme on the Viewty is not very stable. It is no so responsive when u try to do the sliding sometimes. Nothing much we can do currently. Use the other themes if it crashes your phone.


GUys i just deleted files inside Themes folder can anyoone help i need backup i think. dunno where to find it pls

Richard Jang

If you have lost the main Themes Folder, you can download the Theme manager 3.2 on this page to recover it back. Inside also include the theme_bg2.swf but if u have deleted the 2 other main themes files, u can email me to get it back on your Viewty.


My Viewity doesent work,i think i lost something or i somethig fuck up!!what i shud do now??Please help!!

Richard Jang

Did you delete any files from the Viewty? First you should try to reset the phone and see whether it resets your mobile phone?


so can we uninstall the theme manager ?
n can we deleted that the themes we dislike ?

Richard Jang

Yes, you can uninstall the theme manager. The themes are group into folder and you can delete those that you do not want to see using the EFS Media Builder. You also need to edit the ThemeList.txt file.


Hi. I think i need help here. I'm currently using KU990R and NONE of the themes work for me even though u followed the steps to install in the memory card. Enlighten me please. Thanks. :)

Richard Jang

You must have installed the theme_bg2.swf as listed in step 1. Remember to select the silver theme as your phone theme first.
Lastly you can load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes.


erm. do you mean that i should have installed other .swf files into my phone using EFS media builder? and do i have to transfer the themelist.txt into the phone using EFS as well? so sorry. i quite a noob in this.

Richard Jang

You must install the theme_bg2.swf as listed in step 1 of installing to memory card using EFS media builder to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”.
Themelist.txt is inside the Themes folder and this folder must be drop into the root of the memory card.


here is the stupid question. Can somebody give me the link where could i download this themes first, i have been trying for about a couple of hours and i only find the sites where i must be a member of them. I
didnt try to register because I asume that they want my credit card. But while I am writting this message maybe I will register and maybe it would be free! heehhe. Sorry on my english! So meanwhile if someone has a link i would be greatfull! Thanks!

Richard Jang

Please download the Theme Manager 3.2 in my blog post above as the link is in step 1. There are many themes inside the zip file available for use on your Viewty.

Ian Govier

Can the issue with the memory card showing full be resolved?The card is not full and the numbers are correct but the pie chart thingy say 100% used.
Also can i get a copy of the silver theme file as i could not back it up so i just overwrite it whish is ok but i may need to revert back to standard at some time.


hey i need the backup files i lost or deleted somehow and now i need them can someone download them to [email protected] thx in adv :D


oh i need the keylock, the player theme file and the original silver theme i need them fast sorry for the interupt :) thx for everyone for the help :)

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