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June 18, 2008



I`ve found a working usb modem driver and pc suit for the ku990i.
Here it goes: LG MC USB U330 driver, i`ve found it on LG site in Thecnical support.


Can you email me and give me a detailed tutorial on how to do this. Pleasse. Thank-You


The EFS MEDIA BUILDER doesn't find my LG Viewty :O.
I've tried every USB function. Music, Extern and Detail.
Why does EFS MEDIA BUILDER doesn't find my mobile phone?

Richard Jang

Pls ensure you have install the USB driver for your LG Viewty before using the USB Cable.


Hi I have two problems, the Efs media builder is detected as a trojan on Windows 7 with Mcafee how can I still open the file if it is not a virus, the second problem is my phone comes with the themes Black, T-mobile and Fish only I dont have silver will it still work. Thanks

Richard Jang

Firstly, you will need to disable your Mcafee and then open the file. After completing it, remove the file and then enable your Mcafee.

You will need the Silver Theme and it is also available on this blog.
Viewty Section>>>


but my viewty not show the files and folder when i connect my lg viewty via usb cable i just see a cancel icon........and i dnt understand what are you saying plz send me the video plz or tutorial.
thank you very much...


i don't understand whatare you saying plz plz plz send me video or tutorial thank you very much........


Hi, Before installing theme manager, I want to back up the theme folder as you recommend in Step2.
I'm using EFS download from this blog, but when I select the theme folder inside the Viewty and right-click and select read, the system prompts to me a error message and doesn't copy the folder. I've tried copying the files individualy, but didn't work as well.. I've checked out the log file in the folder of EFS, and it says bad command.
Do you have any sugestions?
A little detail, my phone is a KU990i, can it be from this?


i have bought lg ku990 i wana download n install the themes bt i m facing problem to doing it Can you email me and give me a detailed tutorial please

Richard Jang

I think so, it works on KU990. It should not be able to work on KU990i as it is a more latest release.

Richard Jang

This is the latest tutorial I have put on the blog. It must been made easy for newbies already.


please can u give me ur e-mail address my phones creating a lot of problem


does it work with all the lg viewty!!!!coz mine is not unlocked and not original!!!! waiting 4 ur answer thnx

Richard Jang

It work on all LG Viewty as far as I know.

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