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June 18, 2008

Comments totally lost..dnt noe wat to do sia..really dnt understand all there any other way to install for the theme software??i mean the easiest way??headache uh read these step..hahaha

Richard Jang

I am sorry but if u really want the themes on it, this is the lengthy step that you have follow. LG only provide three themes for use and if u want more, then u need to follow instructions here.


i cant back up my files, i get to right click and read and it says download error for a couple and direcotry error or something for others...

Richard Jang

It does work for the others by following the guide. U can also don't do the backup and just follow the instruction closely to install the themes.


the themes manager doesn't seem to work..i double-clicked the C button but nothing happened..i followed all the installation instructions..i need your help..

Richard Jang

If installation is done properly, double click the C button, it will bring up the Themes Manager.


i double clicked the "C" button but nothing happened..i followed all instructions carefully..

Richard Jang

U installed it to the phone memory or memory card?


how to take a beck up of theme_bg2.swf” files .My silver theme is not working, wht should i do .i didnot have the beckup of that file could u send me that file on my email id and how to restore the silver theme.Also tell me how to install the theme .plese guide me

Richard Jang

You can have the backup of all the three theme by clicking the link below.

As for installation of themes, just follow the guide as in the blog post.


Hi. I have a big problem! Last day i "accidently" deleted the Pxo folder from my phone(the folder remaind but all the .pxo files are gone from it). Is there any posibility to get them back on my phone, i have a back up. I tried to upload them but i get an upload error mesage.Can anybody help! PLEASE! Thank you! (sorry for my english)


Good Stuff! Could not find a working thememanager anywere else.

Richard Jang

You may want to use the backup. You need to rename the LGAPP directory in ViewTY to TOTO. Put all the backup files back to TOTO. After complete, rename it to LGAPP.

If still does not work, then u need to send to service centre to flash the ROM.

Richard Jang



i dont know how to do that, please if anyone know how to do it please help me ,


Hi Will this work on a KU990i? i just wondered b4 i tried it because i dont want to mess up my phone :S and can i backup on the lgpcsuite program that i got in the box?

Either post the answer here or email me on thanks m8 (:

Richard Jang

It was tested working on KU990 and not sure whether it will work on the KU990i.LG PC Suite only backup your contacts, sms and files on your KU990i.

The most important is to backup the theme_bg2.swf(Silver Theme) for this modification. If u are not confident, you may want to skip this step. But this is the only way if users want more than the 3 themes provided.


thank you very much.


where is that list were we need to change numbers 0 to 1?


we just change the numbers in the theme list if we instal on memory phone?? isn`t that rigth?

Richard Jang

The list is inside the Theme Manager 3.2 Zip File.

Richard Jang

Yes, you are correct.


i forgot to say that it works on ku990i but not all themes. Some themes doesn`t work 100% and block the phone, you need to wait a few minuts to unblock.


Do you kwnow where can i find a working pc suit for the 990i??


And the most important, thank you a lot.

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