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June 22, 2008



wher can i download lg ku990 pc suite thanks

Richard Jang

You can made use of the LG Software Update Tool to get the latest PC Suite for your LG Phone.




been looking really hard for this. thanks!


i have bought an LG phone model KG195 there is no driver cd for browsing with PC i asked to dealers they replied me there is no issue of driver CD for this model How can i get it i asked to many of the people so made early as possible as u can (NEED of LG PC suite of KG195)

Richard Jang

You can just download the LG Software Tool on this blog and it will help you to download the PC Suite and Drivers needed for the KG195.


go to this website type lg viewty driver in search bar download done


Zubair Saeed

how can i connect my LG kg195 to pc for using internet. where can i get modem drivers for LG kg195

Richard Jang

You just need to use the LG Software Tool available here to download the necessary software and modem drivers for your mobile phone.


how do use the LG software update tool to get the PC suite?

i have the cd with me but my laptop does not allow me to insert the disc in as it is too small T.T

Richard Jang

The LG Software Update Tool Link is at at the blog post above this comment. Pls take note that the small disc although is small but can also be place on your cd rom and run.


Thanks.. for LG PC Suite..


i lost my disk how do i download pc suite for lg u9990 some one please help me as im hittin constant dead ends
last resort throwin the phone away in all seriousness

Richard Jang

You do need to throw away the phone as I got the software. I have updated the post to include the link for you to download. If connection by USB cable, you need to dl the PC Suite and USB Modem Driver.


Brilliant. Thank you so much for the software for my LG phone that I couldn't even find on LG's site.

Richard Jang

It is no problem. I have come out with this post as LG does not have support on it.


where is the password once you download the software....when I downloaded the software and I try to unzip it or rar it asks for a password

Richard Jang

I have updated the post with the new link. Thanks for update.

Siti Fairuz

Thanks for this! I was trying very hard to locate my external memory on the laptop but couldn't find. Didn't know I should change to Mass Storage.

Thanks again! (:

Richard Jang

No Problem.


i need the password to extract lg pc suite. can i get it?


i used the password, the password and also the software work well. except the auto-installer. very helpful, thanks.


hi, thank you so much for this! can i have the password please?!

Richard Jang

The password is calumneilson and is display on the blog thread also.

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