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June 22, 2008



hey richard jang i got my fone from UK but i didnt get the cd i searched d net dy n dite but urs wz d easiest and the best....Thnax a billion!!!!


hey richard i started to use the suite after d comment derfore i cudnt rite my probs heres my prob....eveytym i try to connect wid the contents sez dis software does not suport the model is KU990i...wat do i do????

Richard Jang

Did u download the USB Driver? Or u may need the latest PC Suite which u need to download using the LG Mobile Tool.


Hi, just to say a big thank you ! i own a second hand ku990 without driver and pc suite.

Thanks for the downloads




the link for lg pc suite does not work, if I click on it they ask if I want to open the file or save the file. I clicked on open and the page gets to load but it stays white and says that the page is ready.. I've looked on the net but I can't find anything! This site is my only hope. I did't get a cd with my viewty and I realy want to connect my phone to my computer, can you help me?

(Sorry if my English isn't good, I'm Dutch)


I've tried to save the file this time and it worked! I've now got the lg pc suite on my computer so I don't need your help anymore with that.

I've got an other problem now xD The program does not reconaise my phone or something so they can't connect.. I don't get it at all! =(

Richard Jang

You must also install the LG USB Modem Driver in order for the PC Suite to recognize it. The link is also on this blog post.


Yes I did that first, and than the pc suite but it still says that he can't find my phone..

Richard Jang

Please ensure the Phone Settings - Connectivity - USB Connection Mode is set to Data Service.

Try uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver again.


so hi again...i use the LG PC suite but i set my phone at mass storage and at the LG pc suite appear to me music sync player something like you have a yahoo ID???...i want to speak with u to make me understand:D...please just if u want


hey are u online??

Richard Jang

You need to set it to Data Service instead of Mass Storgae if u want the PC Suite to read the Phone.

I use MSN and not sure whether can chat with Yahoo Messenger.


Thanks a lot looked all over the web for this cheers!

Helen Wattam

Hi what programme do I open it with and how do I unzip it??? Thanks. XX

Richard Jang

You need to use Winzip or WinRAR program to unzip it and u can get a freeware easily on the internet.


i can connect to pc suite in idle screen, but when i try and access any of the features it says its not connected !

Richard Jang

Please ensure you have set the USB Connection Mode to Data Service before connecting to the the PC Suite.


ive downloaded pc suite and lg tool got everything set up and working but when connect phone it says put in pc suite in connectivity connection mode and i havent got pc suite in connection mode what do i do

Richard Jang

U need to have the USB drivers for your phone also.

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