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June 22, 2008



i ran the LG software update tool but nothing happen.

any lead?

Richard Jang

If nothing happens, it may not be use at the server side of LG already. You can download the PC Suite in my post which will work for most LG Phones except the Window Mobile Version.


Thank you so much for your help! I lost my CD and was at wits end trying to figure out what to do! Many many thanks again!

Richard Jang

No Problem.


Ι have LGKM500 and I have installed LG USB Modem Driver.My problem is when I try to install LG PC Suite through the disk I have,it says''failure''.When I try to install Suite from here,its says ''failure in launcher'' :S

Richard Jang

I am not sure whether your computer has problem. But the PC Suite here is working and after installation allow it to update to the latest in order for it to support all the latest LG Phone.

Peter Nguyen

can i have the password please, to unzip lg software tool.


I need the password to extract lg pc suite. can i get it?

Richard Jang

It is just below the download link.
Password is pspmyspace

Richard Jang

Listed below in the download link.
Password is pspmyspace


thanx for the lg pc suite


thanks too password

Richard Jang

No Problem.


finaly found that schit..... 4 days i was looking for that pc fucking suite
and all thanks to richard lang its ok now.... so thanks.... cute girl on that picture btw... :-)

Richard Jang

No Problem. Just recommend our blog.

i have downloaded the pc suite and everything that has poped up, but after opening it and connecting my phone it wont let me access anything. For example i click on contents and nothing happens. Please help i really want my phone pics :)

Richard Jang

Please ensure you have install the LG USB Modem Driver as you are connecting your phone to the PC Suite via the USB Cable.

Mick Gladwin


Thanks for the software links, I have just purchased a KS360 and have been trying to link it to my PC. However, after install PC Suite and the drivers the LG program states the phone is ready but them the PC Suite states their is a problem linking to the phone and them shuts down.

Any help would be grateful,


Richard Jang

KS360 is a latest model than KU990 and may not be supported by this PC Suite. Doesn't yours KS360 have the PC Suite?

Mick Gladwin

No CD with the Phone at all, I'm going to contact the compant know> I will post what ever reply I get

Richard Jang

LG Mobile do not provide the PC Suite online unlike Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.


i have a LG kg800. how do i get the pc suite for it?

Richard Jang

There should be a CD that comes with the box. You may use the PC Suite in this blog if u do not have the CD.


I have an lg ax-155 with alltel, is there a version of lg phone tools that works with my phone?

Richard Jang

Have u try the PC Suite listed in this blog to check whether it supports you LG AX155?

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