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September 22, 2008


It is also important to look at preschool learning outside of the classroom. Raylit is one such website that tries to provide learning beyond the physical classroom. Raylit has been designed for the preschoool and kindergarten kids, taking into account their mental and physical development. The educational aspects are always presented in the garb of fun educational games, videos and online learning activities so that kids enjoy the learning process. At Raylit, we take painstaking efforts to actually teach your preschool and kindergarten kids. Check out Raylit at

RobertS has over 150 educational games for preschool children. Especially designed by child education specialists and psychologists. The games are designed to build relationships between parents and children in the 2-6 age group.

Education through play is very fulfilling for both parents and children. That is why was launched - to provide a FREE tool to parents to educate their children on the net in a safe environment.

Have a look at the professional comments from world renowned specialists in the UK and from Mum bloggers who recommend the site on facebook:
ChooChooGames Reviews on FaceBook


Hi, i've started a reading programme called Reading Solutions* in bukit panjang. call me at 81070654

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