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February 17, 2009



Thanks alot for the advise.
I chanced upon this page when I was searching for information for Malaysian passport renewal.
This information is really helpful and saved me a lot of trouble.
I got my passport renewed today and it's really quite hassle free.

Just a few points to comment based on my experience today:
1. There's no parking. You need to park either at HDB carpark some distance away, or the small roads nearby at your own risk.

2.You can download and use the form actually. However, you need to ensure that it's double-sided. They won't accept single side.

3. I used the photo taken elsewhere, but u gotta be sure the background colour is correct though, so use it at your own risk.

4. For passport collection, I need to queue according to the security pass number, not the queue number issued in the morning. However, the collection is quite fast and can complete within few minutes. Hence, no point going there really early to get an small number.

5. For re-entry pass, it can be done online without the need to travel to Immigration office.

Hope above helps

Richard Jang

Thanks for your update and I will update the blog. The rules are always changing and this guide will be able to help others who are going there to apply like us.

Just submitted birth cert application for my son. I parked at Valley point just opposite the Jervois Road junction.

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