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February 03, 2010


PS3 Controller

I think this is quite an informative posting on the hard and soft rest of Omnia Pro B7610 from Samsung. I am sure many would find this really helpful.

devil of heaven.

Absolutely helpful stuff.
I brought an Omnia loaded with too much stuff that it crash the system. I've been searching for this for 3 days now.
Thank god I can get a clean OS finally.


man..the small hole above the camera does not pressed..also i try this steps and mobile stacks at samsung logo and it didn't go to the orange windows mobile loading....did u know another soloution??
plz tell me :)

Richard Jang

Your software maybe having some issues if soft or hard reset cannot resolve your problem. Visit the Samsung Service Centre if still hang at logo.

Vineet Goel

I think this will solve my Omnia Pro B-7610 problem, even samsung's (Ramesh Nager)service center people don't know who to do hard reset of the device ????

anil palan

My b7610 mobile reset button does not give any result. Would you please advise if the mobile restarts automatic or is it switched off when pressing the soft reset button.

Richard Jang

After pressing it, the B7610 will restart automatically by itself.

Paul Mandal

In my B7610 there is no such reset button as you said but as i was searching i found a hole at the right side of the phone (as you look at the screen) that when i press it it restarts so i think that this is the soft reset button on my device. A qwestion, when do i press the Lock and W&L Button? When my device is open and locked, open and unlocked, when?

Richard Jang

It doesn't really matter but u may try either method. The buttons must be press before u poke the soft reset button.

The models of your set and ours may have a small difference as we are in different countrys.


CORRECTION: The soft reset button is actually a small hole on the side of the phone above the LOCK button and below the stylus slot. [Top right edge with the screen facing you.] Its j

Siddharth Sharma

Thanks a ton buddy.............
You just solved my Samsung B7610 boot issue..........

My phone was not booting up properly..........after initial boot it was getting stuck on the initial green colored screen of windows 6.1 OS.

After this hard reset my phone boot up properly.
Its working perfect now.........

Thanks a lot again.......... :)

Richard Jang

No problem. Glad that it resolve your issue.


it is the way ,when i do that ,i destroy my lcd is my mistake.thank you all the same!

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