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March 16, 2010



I don't understand why when my friends gift me the ingredients to the cake, my cafeworld will only accept one gift only out from all the friends' gifts!! Why? Can anyone help?


I wish more friends would help me...:(

Richard Jang

It maybe associated with the CafeWorld Bugs.

Richard Jang

I have added you and we can help each other out on Cafe World.

How can I get the wedding table? I am on level 65 and I have not seen the table in my game??

Richard Jang

A popup must appear to ask u to help save the Wedding and upon accepting it, a wedding rack will appear in your cafe.

But there are some bugs and some of my Cafeworld friends also never got the popup to save the wedding.


I'm on the last section (decorations) and it keeps going back to the last section and not saving my progress. I even spent some cafe cash on it, and it's still not happening. Is this a problem with anyone else too?


yes me too idk why its happening to my friends too i just wasted 20 cafe bucks

Richard Jang

This is a Cafeworld bugs. I guess you will not waste the 20 cafeworld bucks for nothing. Try to contact the developer.

But Cafeworld is known for thier bugs as some users do not even have the Save the Wedding pop ups.


me too... the same ... why they don't fix that?

Richard Jang

The developers are still not able to solve the issues. They also choose not to highlight the issues on their forums on blog.

Spice Rack

I wish the developers of the game can also make spice racks for special herbs needed for rare recipes. But I do like the game though it's nice very restaurant city like. And a great time to waste facebook.. :)

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