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August 23, 2010


Annoyed Starhub customer

I'm the victim too for almost 2 weeks now! I'm lodging complaint to relevant authority soon if they can't bring up my phone and data connection.

Richard Jang

I am already a victim of Starhub Poor Customer Service. But I guess the next step is to ask CASE to help me as the Telco is ignoring my problem.


Worst customer service I have ever seen is from Starhub. I don't understand why its still running! (Probably because they go by contract thing. not like in other countries where you can disconnect anytime). Will never recommend it to anyone.

Richard Jang

Yup the customer service has dropped in 2010.PPL still going for it because of contents as no competitors.If the content can be share in the future, I believe Starhub will lose its customer base if it cannot address customer problems.

Gino George

Yup its true.
Every week they are disconnecting my line even though my bill is fully paid
Billing is screwed up
Customer service officers are not even bothered about our problems.
I disconnected all my services with starhub. Still continuing one line only because of the contract

Richard Jang

My bill was also messed up after the recontract. The system was not rigid enough to capture the subscriber actions. In the end, Starhub has to depend on staff to do the job as the system they invested in doen't really work.


My tv box (HD) is not getting validated at all.. Yesterday i changed my tv box and Im facing problems with the new one right now.. Kindly let me know what to do and how to proceed, because I am not getting all the channels that i want to see. I can currently view only the local channels and not the one i subscribed.


Richard Jang

You may need to call the customer service at 1633 and see whether they can rectify for u. If they do not perform the job, it is best for u to drop by the customer service centre to speed up things.

The CS may give reason like they need to check what channels u are entitled or subscribe to. I believe they are lapses in their system on subscriber account, sometimes CS do not even know what are the customers subscribe channels. And they cannot give u if they do not have the information.


Every month my bill is full but service officers are not even bothered about our problems.
my network being so poor till I can't pls games on line or watch movie . I had even called them but the answer given is always " WILL GET THE OFFICER IN-CHARGE TO CALL U 2MOROW" BUT NEVER CALL
I will disconnected my services with starhub. Still continuing only because of the contract

Richard Jang

I never believe the phrase of the Starhub Customer Officer, " WILL GET THE OFFICER IN-CHARGE TO CALL U 2MOROW" BUT NEVER CALL.

It also happen to me. I have already move my internet to Singtel and I experience fast and reliable service till now. My cable bills is in a mess and they never call back to resolve the problem.

The problem with Starhub is that customer service officer are mostly part time and contract staff. Unless u are a VIP or Super VIP customer register on the system that are then u treat with importance.

Starhub Annoy

Anothter victim here.... suffer and annoyed from hopeless and useless Starhub customer service.

they screw up my cable tv plan in the first place by their sleeping sales staff.

And it is already 2 weeks since i first visited their CS at vivo city, and then follow up with email complain 1 week later. yet, still no body call me to update and provide solution.

Don't know how to escalate. Please let me know the manager email address if anyone know.

Suck Starhub CS

Richard Jang

No Starhub CS will ever call u as we are just small customers. Unless we are VIP customers.

Most CS are contract and part time staff, so what can we expect? It is best you go to Plaza Singapura CS at basement just beside Carrefour.

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