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September 27, 2010



great! it works totally!! you guys are did you find out? stupid singnet apply settings without informing clients...BOO!

Richard Jang

Many other Singnet Users have this problem also as I found out in the Playfish forums. This solution was from fellow singnet users. I hope to share and benefit all Singnet Users in Singapore playing Restaurant City.


hey thanks, i did this and was able to play for awhile and when my wireless@sg got disconnected and after reconnecting, i get this message
"Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t connect to the web proxy server (HTTP). To change your proxy settings, open Safari Preferences, click Advanced, and then click Change Settings. For help with this problem, contact your system administrator."

and my entire safari was unable to load anything.

Richard Jang

This solution was meant for Singnet Personal Customers. If u are using wireless@sg, there is no guarantee as u may not be using singnet network but other telcos network also.

U need to disable the web proxy and everything should be OK.

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